Sung Kim is known for his inviting storybook landscapes, seascapes, gardens, and villages. His work is full of vibrant light and color, and emanate charm and tranquility.

He was born in Seoul, South Korea, and exhibited his artistic talents early in childhood. Sung won numerous art contests beginning in grade school, and went on to graduate with honors from Seorabol Art College in Seoul.

Later, he opened his own studio and worked as an illustrator for various magazines and children’s books. Sung’s artistic abilities were acknowledged when he was awarded the Grand Prize in an art competition by the Minister of Culture in South Korea and the Gold Medal prize in the art competition given by the Mayor of Seoul.

His travels through Europe as a young man became a source of inspiration.

Since immigrating to the United States, Sung has worked with numerous fine art galleries and has produced hundreds of original paintings. 

Sung is still painting to this day, and is always refining his craft.